who we are

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Welcome to the Haus of Hemm. 
We are a Sydney based brand bringing style to our community globally. Inspired by our customers lifestyles and culture, our clothing is unique and is the destination for fashion with a point of difference. 
Things to expect are monochrome textures, soft fabrics, attention to detail and style that is built for you and I; the Haus of Hemm.
We started making waves in 2016 and are dedicated to breaking stereotypes and fashion paradigms one collection at a time.
Our collections are designed to be styled together, with each garment a building block to creating the ultimate wardrobe. 
Whilst, our past and current designs are designed and created with care, we are continually striving to become more sustainable and ethical in our production and operations. 
The people who define the Haus of Hemm aren't afraid of individuality and originality. We are inspired by the creativity and adventurous spirit of our community.