The Ultimate Teddy Jacket

Here at the Haus of Hemm, we don’t take the design process lightly. We create clothes that meet all your needs of you, whilst also making you look good. When designing our Teddy Jacket we knew it needed three things; 

  1. To be the perfect length.
  2. Pockets - a no brainer
  3. Be SUPER soft

We chose to create the jackets in Black and Rust. Black to provide a timeless staple for your wardrobe and Rust to bring some warmth and bring autumnal vibes! We love the Black teddy jacket as it literally can be worn anywhere; dinner out in the city, winter walks, concerts and festivals… the list never ends. Both Teddy Jackets are the perfect jacket to take away as they are both lightweight yet super warm. The faux fur "fluff” that makes this jacket special is extremely soft to touch; you need to see to believe. 

rust teddy jacket, longline teddy jacket, faux fur teddy jacket

Another element we really wanted in our perfect Teddy Jacket is the length; we were kind of overseeing so many cropped jackets that can really make you cold when the temperature drops. We designed the jackets to drop past your butt! So you can keep toasty with that subtle extra length. 

The jacket is lined, bringing some luxury into your wardrobe and don’t forget about the two side pockets that are large enough for a phone and wallet. 

Need any more convincing that this is the ultimate Teddy Jacket? Didn’t think so..

Shop the Rust or Black Teddy Jacket now!


rust teddy jacket

black fluffy teddy jacket

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